Berico Fuels Inc Propane Service Technician in Greensboro, North Carolina

Company Info

We are a home heating & cooling company located in Greensboro, NC, where the customers always come first. Through great employees we live up to our "always dependable" motto. Through a personal touch, we keep a warm feeling with all of our customers. We are always looking to expand the company's potential into new arenas of profitability, including expansion of the HVAC service department, propane sales, and heating fuels.

Job Description

The Propane Service Technician is responsible for leading the initiative, execution, and growth of the principle responsibilities listed below. He/She will report directly to the Service Manager.

Outcomes to Seek:

  • Customer Service– Demonstrate, train, and grow customer service to exceed customer’s expectations using the “always dependable” attitude, urgent response, and appropriate feedback. To develop customer loyalty for a long term relationship. To go above and beyond in the event of a dissatisfied customer, with respect toward the additional principles below.

  • Propane Service & install skills- Through certifications, on job experience, and continued training, demonstrate skills to properly maintain, repair, and install Propane equipment on a residential and commercial level. To maintain clean and organized workspace, vehicle, and workmanship. Keep proper parts and service records. To complete job the first time with the best of your ability and to reduce the potential for callbacks.

  • Dependability & Trust- Represent the company on and off the job. Arriving on the job by 8am, completing the proper paperwork and records, per Berico standards, of on the job performance. Being a team player and supporting fellow team members at all times.

  • Safety – Responsible for upholding and complying with industry and company standards in regards to safety requirements, cleanliness, and product handling

Principle Responsibilities

  • Certifications specific to Propane and Gas regulations. (Piping licenses, etc)

  • 2+ years’ Experience in Propane Service

  • Knowledge in Propane Tank and Furnace equipment.

  • Understand Leak and Gas Check information

  • Uphold best-in-class customer service standards.

  • Be willing to offer suggestions, home enhancements, and sell service plans.

  • Strive to achieve service technician goals, in particular service plans and sales leads.

  • Work as efficient as possible.

  • Always communicate with dispatch upon arrival, completion, and next call dispatch. (Dispatch is to know current location at all times)

  • Maintain proper licenses and continuously educate to up-to-date Propane service practices, company policies and initiatives. (i.e service plans, sales sheets, etc)

  • Document the use of all parts used and truck inventory per company standards.

  • Take responsibility for all company assets and parts that are in your discretion. (i.e. tools, vehicles, keys, etc).

  • Fulfill on-call responsibilities and expectations.